Photorealistic Male Tutorials - ZBrush Training

Photorealistic Male Tutorials - ZBrush Training
English | AVC1 1680 x 1022 | MP3 128 Kbps | 1.40 GB
Genre: Video Training
Included files:
- 2 Hour video tutorial in QuickTime format split into 10 chapters
- Character model Ztool
- Lightwave scene and model files
- Full resolution 4098 x 4098 textures
- OBJ objects
Tutorial Chapters:
Chapter 1: Texture Projection (Effective techniques for projection photographic textures on the body mesh)
Chapter 2: Projecting the Head Textures (Using high resolution texture reference to project and bake the head)
Chapter 3: Combining Baked Maps (How to combine a series of Baked out Photographic textures using lighting masks)
Chapter 4: Zbrush texturing (Using Zbrush to clean up textures and remove seams and unwanted distortion)
Chapter 5: Hair (Creating a realistic hair texture)
Chapter 6: Bump maps (Techniques used to extract high resolution distortion free bump maps from colour maps using photoshop)
Chapter 7: Subdermal and Epidermal (Way to extract both sub-dermal and epidermal texture maps for use in the skin shader)
Chapter 8: Skin shading and lighting setup (Setting up the simple skin shader in Lightwave using the maps generated in the previous chapters)
Chapter 9: Specular and gloss maps (Creating specular reflection and gloss maps in Photoshop)
Chapter 10: Render and Post processing (Setting up and rendering the final image and post processing in Photoshop)
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